Upgrading Ghost to v0.4.1

A couple of months ago, I published How to get Ghost running on Heroku for Free, now I'm publishing a how to upgrade guide.

I ended up writing this since there're some changes needed that aren't published on the official upgrade guide.

Step by Step to upgrade

rm -rf ~/Documents/my-ghost-blog/core  
  • Copy the new core folder
cp -r core ~/Documents/my-ghost-blog  
  • Copy the new files from the root folder
cp *.json *.js *.md LICENSE ~/Documents/my-ghost-blog  
  • Copy the new casper template
cp -r content/themes/casper ~/Documents/my-ghost-blog/content/themes  
  • Up to this point everything that you've done is the standard upgrade procedure. Here starts tricky part.

  • Go to the your blog folder and open the package.json

  • Include the following line on right after "when": "2.7.0"

    , "pg": "~2.11.1"
  • Edit config.js and replace postgres with pg on the production settings.
production: {  
        url: 'http://blog.johnny.io',
        database: {
            /** this said postgres before */
            client: 'pg',
            connection: {
  • Publish your changes as follows
git add . && git commit -am "upgraded to v0.4.1" && git push origin master  

Now you have Ghost v0.4.1 running on Heroku for Free!


Johnny Halife

Chief Architect of @mural. Bostero. Runner. Speaker & Web Guy. Past-Life: Southworks / MSFT Vendor / DigBang!

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